Slow Cooker Lamb Curry

Slow cooker lamb curry is a dish that is sure to tantalize your taste buds with its complex blend of spices and flavors. This recipe typically calls for succulent chunks of lamb that have been slowly cooked with a combination of spices, herbs, and vegetables until they are tender and juicy.

The beauty of this recipe lies in its simplicity and ease of preparation. All you need to do is marinate the lamb in a mixture of spices and herbs, add it to your slow cooker with a variety of vegetables, and let it cook low and slow for several hours until the flavors have fully developed and the meat is fall-apart tender.

The spices used in this recipe are what give it its distinct flavor profile. Commonly used spices include cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, and garam masala, which are all readily available at most grocery stores. The vegetables used in this recipe typically include onions, garlic, tomatoes, and sometimes bell peppers or potatoes.

Once the lamb curry is done cooking, it can be served over rice or with naan bread for a hearty and satisfying meal. This dish is perfect for serving to guests or for a cozy night in with family. So why not try making slow cooker lamb curry today and discover the delicious flavors of Indian cuisine from the comfort of your own home?

Table des matières


2 tbsp olive oil

2 x 300g packs diced lamb leg

2 onions, chopped

4 carrots, thickly sliced

3 garlic cloves, crushed

5cm piece ginger, grated

2 green chillies, deseeded, 1 finely chopped, 1 finely sliced

1 tbsp garam masala

1 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp ground cumin

15g fresh coriander, leaves picked and stalks finely chopped

400g tin chopped tomatoes

100ml lamb stock

400ml light coconut milk

125g spinach

rice or naan, to serve (optional)


Heat 1 tbsp oil in a deep non-stick frying pan over a medium-high heat. Brown the lamb in batches (without overcrowding the pan) for 5-8 mins. Season and transfer to the slow cooker.

Add the remaining oil to the pan and cook the onions and carrots for 10 mins over a medium heat until softened. Add the garlic, ginger, chopped green chilli, spices and coriander stalks. Stir well and cook for a further 1 min until fragrant. Transfer everything to the slow cooker.

Add the chopped tomatoes and lamb stock to the slow cooker and stir to combine. Cook on a low heat for 6 hrs.

Stir through the coconut milk and cook for a further 30 mins. Add the spinach to wilt through 5 mins before serving. Scatter with sliced chilli and coriander leaves, and serve with rice or naan, if you like.

Tip: Short on ingredients? Use a ready-made curry paste to make this curry even easier. Replace the garlic, ginger, chopped chilli, dried spices and coriander stalks with 4 tbsp rogan josh curry paste: add in step 2 after the onions and carrots are softened, cook for 1 min, then transfer everything to the slow cooker and continue with the recipe.

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