Instant Pot Lobster Tails

Instant Pot Lobster Tails

Instant Pot Lobster Tails are buttery, sweet and juicy, and done to luscious excellence. A five-star meal ready in less than thirty (30) minutes!

Instant Pot Lobster Tails will erase all of your fears about cooking lobster at home. I get it— when you’re working with such an expensive and delicate piece of seafood, you want to get everything right.

Unless you’re ready to pay a small fortune at a restaurant, though, learning the Instant Pot technique is so worth it. And you might be surprised at just how easy it can be. Feel like a chef in your own kitchen, and treat everybody to a gourmet lobster dinner that’s beyond simple to make!

Lobster Tails

Instant Pot Lobster Tails


2 lobster tails

2 tablespoons unsalted butter  (divided)

1/4 teaspoon salt  (or to taste)

1 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

1 teaspoon smoked paprika

236.59 g water


First Add trivet to the inner pot and add the water.

Using a sharp knife or kitchen scissors, prudently cut the top of the lobster tails the shell down to the tip of the tail, creating a « butterflied » appearance.

Devin and remove any grit if needed and pull the shell down, so the meat sits on top of the shell, as in pictures.

Then mix salt, garlic powder, onions powder and smoked paprika in a small bowl.

After Sprinkle lobster tails meat with the spice combination.

Divided the chopped butter on top.

Then arrange lobster tails on top of the trivet, shells facing down. You can add up to 4, depends on how large they are.

Close the lid, lock it and set the vent to seal.

Pressure cook for one (1) minute after which do a quick release.

Remove lid from pot.

Finally, remove lobster tails and serve with melted butter, lemon wedges and sprinkled with some chopped parsley on top.

Nutrition information

Calories: 79 Carbohydrates: 1 Protein: 5 Fat: 6 Saturated Fat: 4 Cholesterol: 55 Sodium: 333 Potassium: 84 Fiber: 1 Sugar: 1 vitamin A: 421 Calcium: 27 Iron: 1

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